• Black Friday Special: Deals of the DAY! Up to 80% OFF

    Black Friday Special: Deals of the DAY! Up to 80% OFF
    Today's Black Friday DEALS OF THE DAY: $15 ALL dad hats! With our black Friday savings up to 80% OFF, we have implemented COUPON codes and DEALS OF THE DAY until the end of the month.Up to 60% OFF is set to automatically apply by checkout, NO codes necessary.For discount 65%+ OFF all the way up to 80% OFF the coupon codes are as follow: BFS75 for up...
  • Here's what we have given so far:

           2020 has been a difficult year but God has created beauty in it for His glory. We GiveThanks because this year we have a full list of non-profit organizations to GIVE to. Last year we could only afford to donate $25 to PATH, Inc with a company in -debt. This year God changed that and we donated $261.25! We also donated $369...
  • Why do we give thanks?

    Why do we give thanks?        🚨For us, GivingThanks is more than thanking God for the obvious things and his goodness.We GiveThanks in every moment, big or small. We give praise and glory to God for all of the things we are blessed with and able to do through His gifts.  Instead of saying, “thank you” when someone thanks us for a...